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Pini Gurfil-Reborn
Pini Gurfil-Reborn
Pini Gurfil-Reborn

Pini Gurfil-Reborn | Enrapture

Pini Gurfil has been a space engineering professor. He has also written Hebrew poetry, which have been award winning publications. And then he’s a musician as well. So as to diminish our average life with his extraordinary talents, Pini Gurfil releases his first single of the year, Reborn. It’s a wonderful piece that is retro as well as every bit Pini.

Reborn does many things that aren’t conventional. Pini starts off on a very low register, almost establishing a baritone. As the soft, smooth jazz plays through, he sings a poetry recital of sorts. He started his singing career with jazz and soft rock with his single last year, Fade Away. He’s exploring different sounds in the process, mostly relying on the fresh, unpredictable nature of jazz. The song helps focus on the magic of the instrumental as well, rowing down a river as it takes you through a journey.

The track has it’s swing moments as well, emphasizing on Pini’s love for instrumental hierarchy. When he isn’t singing, subtle flourishes have been added to the track to make it as layered yet effortless as it is. The instrumental breaks create this Sinatra feel, of the instruments aiding the vocals. Reborn is a beautiful performance by Pini Gurfil, it highlights his talents as well as outlook on things.

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