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DETENTION – Not to Go | emotive

DETENTION is a high-energy pop-punk, alt-rock band from Akron, Ohio. The band includes lead singer Elliott Carter (17), bassist Fritz Dannemiller (18), drummer Luke Konopka (15) and guitarist Evan Cox (15). They performed alongside headliners Portugal at Wonderstruck Music Festival in Cleveland and Wonderbus Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio last summer. DETENTION has also recently performed at DEVOtional in Cleveland with Gerald Casale of Devo and Fred Armisen (SNL, Portland).

While they might look like mere teenagers, don’t let their appearance fool you. DETENTION is making big moves in the pop-punk space, and all for good reason. Their newest single, Not To Go is a high energy, fast paced groove that will have your foot tapping immediately. Complete with a fast-paced percussion and bass and a memorable guitar riff, the song opens up with lead singer Elliot Carter’s dynamic vocals. Not to Go is the quintessential pop-punk song that you don’t usually get to see these days. The high energy rhythms with the heart-felt angsty lyrics take you away and have you screaming along to them on top of your voice. DETENTION’s style reminds me of Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, Nirvana and the All American Rejects.

Having just released their EP in 2021, Not to Go is just the perfect addition to their discography and shows a steady evolution in their style. In a world where we’re constantly surrounded by phones and social media, one would think that this expression of angst would fade away. But DETENTION is the perfect example and expression of pop-punk angst, and I’m all here for it. I think my favourite part of the song is the honesty in the lyrics.

If you’re having a low day and want to blow off some steam or you just want to hype yourself up, go stream Not to Go by DETENTION.

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