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Zinqq - Don't Step on the Cracks
Zinqq - Don't Step on the Cracks

Zinqq – Don’t Step On The Cracks | groovy

Jerome Bailey, better known as Zinqq, creates music that transcends genres and engages with audiences by combining parts of rap and trap with hints of emo and rock-and-roll. The 22-year-old South Londoner first rose to prominence on the internet in the early tens, creating content on YouTube under the moniker Jayzinq, but has since expanded his talents to include music. Zinqq rose to prominence after releasing his biggest track to date, Internet Love, which he collaborated on with Cirourke, another London musician. Zinqq’s unusual singing style has set him apart from the crowd. His tracks have him rapping, singing, and deforming his vocals into a slow-fade that keeps you guessing and keeps you listening to see what he’ll do next.

His first single of 2022, Don’t Step on the Cracks is a vibey groove that will have you dancing along in no time. Zinqq also gives emo-trap Juice Wrld. The production and the flow are immaculate. The beats, trap guitar, and drum patterns are a welcome surprise and leave you wanting more. The layering in the song is also well done. There is a low-key dream-pop vibe and Zinqq’s flow and cadence are very smooth and calming. Don’t Step on the Cracks is a smartly produced song that lets you start your day with a groove in your step.

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