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The Vonics - Goodbye
The Vonics - Goodbye

The Vonics – Goodbye | funky

After their EP in 2020, The Vonics are back with their newest single called Goodbye. The Vonics are an enthusiastic Alternative / Power Pop Rock band that crosses many genres and weaves them together to create their own brand of noise. The five-piece band from Dudley, West Midlands, formed in 2018 with a strong desire to write and record their own songs. Their music has been compared as “when Primal Scream meets Slade” and “a throwback to the idyllic days of nineties Brit Pop.” The Vonics are made of Scott Robinson on the Vocals, Mark Hancox on Guitar / Vocals, Chris Dixon on Guitar, John Webb on the Bass and Mark Oliver on the Drums

Staying true to their style, The Vonics bring us Goodbye filled with catchy lyrics, attractive riffs, and pumped-up sing-along and dance-along instrumentals. This high-energy single is the perfect pick me up. The vocals and harmonies on have a rise and fall dimension to them that play around with the instrumentals. The far-reaching and dynamic vocals complement the playfulness of the instrumentals. It’s very rare to see bands have such a rapport within their music and it shows through The Vonics’ entire discography. Fun, upbeat, playful are all words you can use to describe The Vonics music and it would still fall short. The band really traverses the genres of pop, rock, and alternative rock with hints of blues and jazzy elements that sneak in, which not only accentuates their own brand of music but also pushes the boundaries of experimentation.

Goodbye by The Vonics makes me feel like I’m the quirky, side-kick in a musical that gets a grand exit and I’m all for it. Go stream it, now!

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