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Relle Be - Money Counter
Relle Be - Money Counter

Relle Be – Money Counter | Hype

North Carolina based artist Relle Be just released her single, Money Counter and it’s an absolute bop. With fat 808 beats that go really hard, Relle Be is sure to have you grooving to her rhythm immediately.

Known for a sort of a remble flow, Relle Be’s work in Money Counter really hypes you up. The rapper introduces the track with a strong verse over booming 808s and a traditional hip-hop beat. From the first line of Money Counter you’ll definitely be reminded of DaBaby; Relle Be’s tone and vocal delivery have a sultry quality to them. The track progresses through a mix of reverb-drenched vocal chops and energizing adlibs that enhance the vocal melody quite well. With sultry and explicit lyrics, the track plays as a steamy narrative that creates a truly hyped, immersive experience.
Relle Be is known for her specific R&B influences, pushes them into the more contemporary trends we see in hip-hop today. Money Counter also has a similar vibe to Young MA. The song also has some electro-pop influences to it.
The use of repetition in the verses is a fun way of getting us accustomed to the song and makes it an easier listen. Looks like I will be singing and grooving to “I’m countin this money again” and “you don’t f***ing own this” all day. With another amazing track added to her discography, the artist continues to deliver strong performances and I’m sure the fans are eager to hear more!

Go give a Money Counter by Relle Be a listen. You’ll be glad to have it hype up your day.

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