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Ruto - No Repeats
Ruto - No Repeats

Ruto – No Repeats | funk groove

Ruto is a recording artist from South Central Los Angeles who is dedicated to fusing LA’s varied influences into an ambient and eclectic sound. Ruto developed his voice as a self-taught musician by fusing jazz, punk, and soul melodies and rhythms into soothing and dynamic grooves. When he’s not on stage, he is hard at work honing his sounds and developing an appreciation for the music that inspires him to create. They continue to pursue a DIY approach, aiming to create art alongside budding artists while fostering a culture of self-sufficiency and collaboration. 

His newest single, No Repeats is a pop-funk groove that is innovative and fresh. The track begins with slow percussion and a melodic guitar which really sets the atmosphere for the song. Ruto’s vocals are calm and have a deepness to it which make them feel like they’re travelling between dimensions. The funk part of the accompaniment has psychedelic elements to it when combined with the vocal effect. If one goes through Ruto’s discography, one realises that all his music is quite immersive and helps you let go. No Repeats fits perfectly into this mix. All of Ruto’s music has an inter-textual, continual relationship of sorts. Ruto has a very unique indie, pop-funk style that is just hard to miss.

I would definitely be playing No Repeats by Ruto to unwind after a long day. Don’t miss out on this one.

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