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Michael Ransom - 20/21
Michael Ransom - 20/21

Michael Ransom – 20/21 | indie immersive

London based singer-songwriter, Michael Ransom, just released his debut album, 20/21 that comes with all the goodness of the new year. With 9 songs and a 30-minute run-time, the album is a curation of love, loss and the rollercoaster that the past two years have been. The album has an indie pop-rock vibe that soothes you while creating an atmosphere to unwind to.

The album begins with the song Good thing comes in threes which has an organ/piano instrumentals with smooth, harmonies and a pop synth effect. The song feels like a summation and an affirmation for the new year. The next song is a slower ballad, with more of an indie-rock vibe called Put It all on Red. Michael Ransom’s smooth and seductive vocals complement the sort of upbeat-chill vibe he has strived to create.

The next three songs, Lockdown, Thinking of You and Hold On, are beautiful love songs that really change the feel of the album. These songs create an atmosphere that lets you immerse yourself into. What’s fascinating about these tracks is the way the experiences of living through the pandemic in the past two years have been expressed in the form of love songs. Lockdown is a slower ballad which delves into the idea of living in the lockdown with your loved one. It has a line that goes, “How much longer will this last?” and I can’t help but relate to that feeling. Thinking of You highlights Michael Ransom’s dynamic vocals, which are backed by a guitar, piano and harmonies.

Hold On is the quintessential indie pop-rock song with the soft vocals, the reverb of the guitar and the echoey harmonies. This track is just an affirmation for the upcoming year. The real crux of this song hits when the beats kick in, and you find yourself automatically grooving to it.

The next 4 songs of the album delve into more of an upbeat and experimental side. It gives indie pop-rock meets electro-pop. I’d Do It Again, has that immersive, almost expansive and unplugged feeling. The next song, Foxes, really pushes the boundaries of the album. I feel like it’s the real trump card on the album. The transition from I’d Do it Again to Foxes is so seamless that it almost feels like the same song. The best part of the song is the deconstruction of the beat and where it picks up with the rising action again. You’re going to be wishing you were driving down a highway listening to this song.

Daydreaming leans a little more towards electro-pop. It employs a lot of layering of these rock elements that are very significant. The album ends with the song Polaroids, which is a calming and beautiful song to tune out to. The album returns to its original indie pop-rock vibe, with Michael Ransom’s beautiful soft vocals and the guitar riffs that echo throughout the song.

20/21 by Michael Ransom is a beautiful and immersive way to begin the new year and the vibes are just immaculate. Don’t miss out on this one.

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