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Think Sanity - Think Safely
Think Sanity - Think Safely

Think Sanity – Think Safely | rock spectrum

Alabama based band Think Sanity is back with their second album, Think Safely. The Anniston, Alabama-based four-piece emo rock band formed in late 2020. Andie Johnson, the lead singer, Trent Johnson, the bass guitarist, Jack Vermuth, the lead guitarist, and Christopher Collins, the drummer, make up the band. “Think Sanity is serious music for people who struggle to be serious. Meaning that whereas we like to put on the front that everything is okay and we’re happy deep down we’re dealing with a lot and we want our music to be able to help people while they can still have fun” says Jack the lead guitarist and is the essence of the band.

Comprising 10 songs and a runtime of 35 minutes, Think Safely is what we can call a prolific album for the band. Think Safely ties together the good and bad sides of mental health and has the band returning to live performances across the southeast, providing love and music to anyone who needs it. The songs are anthemic and have varying range of intensities. The music has quintessential electronic rock elements that really root the band in the early 2000s rock vibe they are going for.

The album begins with the song, Trainwreck which basically paves the way for the album. The soundscape involves heavy percussion and drum patterns with catchy and innovative guitar riffs. Liars’ Dice is the second song on the album, pushes a little more of the grunge into the song, and we see this vibe being carried forward throughout the album.

The song Con Man begins with a sort of marching snare beat that paces into interesting, groovy drum patterns. The harmonies in this song are definitely a highlight, but the guitar lead is what got me. What Think Sanity does really well is pacing in and out of heavier and more classical rock elements. The guitar lead in this track gives you a glimpse of what the band itself is capable of – and that is creating very delicate rock pieces that you can lose yourself to.

The song Heroin(E) has a more modern rock and bluesy sound to it. Its syncopated pacing gives it an edge that plays around with the vocals. The song Sludge has a solid, groovy bass line and funky guitar riff that will find you vibing in no time. With a more upbeat, groovy, blues vibe, these two songs really play around with the whole aesthetic of the album.

Fractured Ghost could be called the peak of the album because they lean heavily into their rock-metal sound and go all out. Their sound reminds me a lot of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, with the vocals really setting them apart. Post Fractured Ghost, the album goes into more focused, chill rock elements. Like Cardboard Box, which has more of an emo rock, unplugged vibe to it. With Cardboard Box, you tend to focus on the vocals while the instrumentals guide you through the journey. The harmonies are really highlighted in this song, and you start relating to the music emotionally.

Smooth Seas (Scenic Route) has a funky start with a similar marching snare and groovy drums. The guitar lead is very psychedelic and leans out of their edginess. Smooth Seas and Children’s Card Game opens up a new rock atmosphere with Think Sanity’s vibe – almost an early 90’s punk rock vibe.

Closest To Happy is the last song on the album and brings the whole album a full circle. We are back where we began with the heavier rock elements, the guitar leads and riffs and the quicker drumming patterns. The album feels very cathartic, peaceful and displays the actual range that the band has. In my personal opinion, the vocals really set the band apart. Andie Johnson’s vocal delivery adds something special and heartfelt to the group. Her vocals feel very anchoring to the rock paraphernalia that the band has to offer. The vocals, instrumentals and the arrangements have found a crafty and almost synergic way to just work and is definitely innovative while staying true to themselves.
Think Safely by Think Sanity is definitely a great album on their discography and we look forward to hearing more from them.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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