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Trav B Ryan - Bad Girl
Trav B Ryan - Bad Girl

Trav B Ryan – Bad Girl | bop

New York based rapper and artist just released his fourth single of 2021, called “Bad Girl” featuring Rxdeboy. The rapper claims to rap for vibes and let me tell you the vibes in this “Bad Girl” are immaculate. With the catchiest hook and some really cool production, Trav B Ryan has just delivered to you the next bop. His strong, emotive hip hop music evokes a sense of purpose, strength, and a lot of shivers in the listener. Every song makes each listener feel more at ease with themselves.

Trav B Ryan is working his way up the rap-scene in New York. He has been featured in into articles from Comicbook.com, Grunge Cake, The Girls At The Rock Show, and has had a featured appearance on MSNBC’s The Beat Ari Melber. The track begins with a heart clutching beat that sets the scene for the verse. Like a lot of rap music, the muse of this track is a total baddie. The song has a slower R&B groove, with fluctuating echoes and silences, where Trav B Ryan really showcases his verses. What is unique about this track is that Ryan’s vocals and music are vastly different to what we’re used to listening to in modern hip hop and R&B. His vocals are sultry and well paced but will keep you hooked on to their every word.

Bad Girl is definitely something I’d listen to next time I want to be an Insta-baddie. Add a few dance moves to this one, and you’ve found yourself the perfect hype song to unleash your inner baddie.

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