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John Vento – Sweet Cheslie
John Vento – Sweet Cheslie

John Vento – Sweet Cheslie | Soulful Tribute

Pittsburgh rock musician John Vento has come up with his latest heartfelt single Sweet Cheslie. While John is a prolific rock musician, Sweet Cheslie a soulful ballad, an ode to an immortal memory. John Vento has been involved in causes like autism awareness and a tribute to the heroes of Flight 93. Sweet Cheslie is dedicated to the memory of American television correspondent, lawyer, model, and former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst. The song was made for raising awareness about suicide prevention.

The song commences with an acoustic guitar rhythm. The chord changes on the song follow a hook that engages you. Heartfelt by John Vento grace the song as he sings asking anyone of us lost to come back home. Vocal harmonies which are light at the beginning of the song catch pace. As the sparse but apt minimalist drumming is married with beautiful vocal harmonies, the song’s arrangement is hailed to higher heights. A clean guitar is what we get in the latter half. The solo is sweet with a soulful tone that lights up your soul.

We also hear some chorus drenched rhythm guitar adding to the stunning production of this emotional song. As the song ends, we can hear the sentiments in John Vento’s voice. This is a song that would make you tear up. One can feel alone living in a city of eight million. Vento has used some beautiful lyrics in the song which can make anyone cry. Sweet Cheslie by John Vento perfect ode to a great soul and a reminder that help isn’t too far when you need it.

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