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Gaz - Some Are Gone
Gaz - Some Are Gone
Gaz - Some Are Gone

Gaz – Some Are Gone

Classic rock, blues, and pop music, mostly never fail to turn on music lovers, and the latest single by Gaz, Some Are Gone, is the right kind of song for you if you are also fond of such genres of music. A trio active for about two decades in the music scene, Gaz comprises Josep Antoni Lopez on vocals and bass, Jordi Pedrigo on guitars, and Albert Pedrigo on drums. The trio ensures listeners enjoy their music and travel back to when artists such as The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, etc., used to rule the music charts. At the same time, their songs are easy to connect to for people of all age groups. After all, who doesn’t like the power, upliftment, and motivation that powerful classic rock tunes cause in the minds?

Reminding you of the good old days when the mind was young and innocent!

Gaz’s Some Are Gone talks about the numerous people who come and go in our lives and make a significant impact. But at the same time, when we grow older and encounter real-life experiences, we realize that everything happens for a reason, and in turn, they leave us nowhere but in a better place and make us even better human beings! The powerful guitar riffs and lines and the tight drum and bass backings make this track so impactful that it leaves a significant impression in our souls.

The catchy musical elements of the song!

The heartwarming and powerful voice of Josep Antoni Lopez takes this song to another level, and you can’t help but sing along to the melodies while you listen to it! Albert’s tight drumming lays that strong and steady foundation and groove of the song, on top of which Jordi’s utterly tasteful rhythm and lead guitar add bright colours to this track. Another authentic aspect of this song is the guitar tones.

The tones boast that dirt and crank, as you may expect from classic southern rock or blues songs. After all, when we talk about rock music, the guitars are something one simply cannot let go of! The lyrics fit perfectly well with the composition, and it is indeed a song you will love to enjoy while you’re out on a drive by the countryside all by yourself. Also, don’t forget to turn the volume up to enjoy the hardcore energy of this track!

Overall, this song is a fine example of a mix between the old classic roots of blues and rock music with modern-day embellishments. It comprises the nuances and soul of raw blues, the energy of pure classic rock, and a vibe similar to that of country blues rock music. You can listen to this track here:

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