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Kervo Frank – Batman | Barilicious

Kervo Frank is an artist who is known for his magical vocals that are blended with some deep music and exquisite lyricism. This is an artist who knows how to bring something new to the table every single time. All his tracks are so good that you will surely be lost in his discography. This is surely the kind of music that can make you groove. His deep sense of musicality and the his clever lyricism is what makes him such an amazing artist. His innovative flows stand out of the crowd making him one of the best artists out there. Do give this artist a go and trust me you will be amazed by how vivid his musical skills are.

I recently came across this amazing artist recently through his latest release which is named ‘Batman’ which is one of his best works yet. The track packs some amazing vocals that are full of variations. The flows are something really unique and that is exactly what you should be expecting to listen from Kervo Frank. This is an artist who makes music that goes hard! This track has some great characteristic adlibs that are complimenting the vivid vocal modulations. The music is profound and produced with intricacy. Deep melodies and impactful drums is Kervo’s sauce. The track is surely one of the best hip-hop/Rap track I’ve come across in a while. Do give it a go and you will not be disappointed by this expressive artist who spins magic.

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