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.certainty – Second Guessing

.certainly is a hip-hop project involving 2 brothers, Austin and Jagger Spacy, who are innovating all the contemporary ways and breaking through into a whole new realm of experimentation. They have released 2 singles so far and both are so good that you will finds yourself begging for more. This is a duo that paints vivid and profound pictures through their lyrics and music. The way they makes his tracks so meaningful and immersive is what makes these artists so special. Their flows are so innovative that it perfectly compliments their musical and lyrical skills. This is surely a duo that can captivate your mind and stay there forever.

“.certainty is surely breaking the charts soon and the world is not ready to witness it yet.”

I came across this duo when they released their second track which is also their latest single named Second Guessing which is surely a track that deserves all the love and appreciation in the world. The track is packed with meaning and this is the type of rap I cherish. Equipped with some heavy 808s, the track sounds great. There are several musical elements throughout the track that will make you fall in love with this amusing duo of brothers. The hook is addictive and sticks to your tongue right off the bat. Do give this track a go and trust me you will find yourself begging for more of this drug called .certainty for sure. Their lyrics are written with intricacy just to deliver the maximum impact. The mellow use of screeches and dub makes this track even more indulgent. .certainty took a different approach towards this release and dropped an AI Lyric Video of Second Guessing as their genesis NFT on Glass.xyz and all 50 copies SOLD OUT IN 4 MINUTES!
Here’s a link to the project. https://glass.xyz/watch/FTPKcPAm2kvronGnQyoYXGesftsBtSCMPKBLVe3FMubd

You can catch a little glimpse of this amazing track here-

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