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The Starkillers - Close To The End | Bright, upbeat
The Starkillers - Close To The End | Bright, upbeat

The Starkillers – Close To The End | Bright, upbeat

The Starkillers are known for their brilliant, fresh, and contemporary pop-rock music. 

They recently released a song called Close To The End which is a refreshing, upbeat, number with some groovy elements and pop feels. The song will evoke some great energy into the air around you because of its fresh soundscapes. The song begins with an interesting riff and goes on to build itself in a beautiful way. 

The instrumentality of the song is quite rich and easily manages to surprise you at points with its richness. The song is heavily nuanced and has a lot to offer. 

When it comes to the vocals, they are simply exquisite. Vocals add to the charm of this song manifolds. You would want to listen to this song not just for its rich musicality but also because of well everything fits and flows together. Interesting sounds when paired with brilliant lyrics make for a great track and Close To The End surely does that. 

Close To The End has a catchy rhythm that lures you into listening to it on loop. What feels like a crisp and moving track, can also be called a laidback and soothing number that would look great on your “Blues” playlist. Many listeners would fall for the song’s subtle electronic scores that are used brilliantly only to add a bit more feels.  

The song has intense soundscapes and feels quite contemporary even though it has some retro influences. This is a song you should definitely listen to! 

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