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Picnic Lightning - Simulacra
Picnic Lightning - Simulacra

Simulacra by Picnic Lightning is a Journey to Undulating Déjà vu

Picnic Lightning is a Texan rock band that excavates the deep excitations of the mind. Blending dark grunge properties with lilting punk and shoe gaze sensibilities, they create moorish landscapes with a hypnotic subtext. Formed in 2013, the prog rock band executes their artistic vision with epiphanic sonic design with portentous insinuations. In their single, Simulacra, Picnic Lightning discovers the essence of the phenomenon. Drenched in ominous mystique and undulating déjà vu, it makes for a terrific listen!

The track is loaded with a refreshing darkness brought to light by the slow rising riffs and blinding shreds. The quality of the thematic sound space is amplified by the mantric vocals. Its smoky textures preserve and elevate the fantastic despondency of the guitar framework. The cohesiveness of the track, the profound congruence of rhythm and sound pallets allows the listener to experience its Orphic revelations more immersively. 

Picnic Lightning comprises Thomas Ketchersid on vocals and guitar, Cole Watkins on lead vocals and guitar, John Cope on bass and vocals and Cameron Navarro on drums and vocals. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Simulacra by Picnic Lightning here – 

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