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Pharsalia "Things I Never Got To Say"
Pharsalia "Things I Never Got To Say"
Pharsalia "Things I Never Got To Say"

Pharsalia Unleash Fierce Alternative Metal with “Things I Never Got To Say”

Pharsalia‘s EP “Things I Never Got To Say” is an outstanding work of modern heavy alternative metalcore music that will leave fans of the genre in awe. The EP features four songs that together clock in at just over 13 minutes, but in that short amount of time, the band packs a tight punch of heavy riffs, catchy choruses, and high energy music.

Hailing from a small town in Delaware, Pharsalia loudly embraces the elder emo culture as their generational colleagues reach their adulthood and hold strong to the 2000’s pop punk and Emo music that shaped their lives. The band’s sound is heavily influenced by 2000s pop punk and emo, and their bouncy guitar riffs and catchy choruses will take you back to that era while still sounding fresh and modern.

The EP opens with “Ready Player One,” a heavy alternative metalcore song that starts with heavy drums and chunky guitar riffs to go with it. The riffwork is impressive, and Stephen Ciccaglione’s powerful sharp vocals add to the overall impact of the song. As the song progresses, we enter into heavier territory with growls, screams, and some riffs and drum magic to which you can’t help but headbang.

Vagabond” continues the pop punk emo metal madness, and it’s another headbanging number with some drums to die for and some inspirational anthemic uplifting sections courtesy of the riffwork which highlights chords to inspire these emotions. The song strikes a balance of power and emotions, and the ending with a growl is like a fire covered to great effect.

Dreamweaver” begins with a face-melting heavy riff and a steady catchy drum groove that creates a sense of mystery. As the chorus comes in, it takes you with it, and the song becomes a relatively more stable alternative rock and metal song with stunning moments of metal power and emotion expressed with the magical vocals of Stephen. The EP closes with “Gravity Killer,” a galloping beat number that reminds one of the best of 2000s heavy alternative metalcore pop punk and emo music.

Vocalist Stephen Ciccaglione’s vocals express both vulnerability and ferocity in equal measure. Brett Alan (Guitar), Colin Presley (Guitar, ), Trey Clarke (Bass), and Jon Finney (Drums) are the power team of this power-packed act and are nothing short of wizards. Every guitar riff, drum fill, and groove, which are glued together by bass lines to die for, makes this record truly outstanding.

“Things I Never Got To Say” is a really enjoyable album, and I truly loved it. It would be loved by alternative metal and rock lovers, as well as lovers of metalcore, post-hardcore, and pop punk. The EP is a testament to the band’s talent and their ability to create music that is both heavy and emotional. If you’re a fan of the genre, then Pharsalia’s EP is a must-listen, and I highly recommend it.

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