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TeeshyBaby Shares His Personal Journey Through Time Heals Everything EP

TeeshyBaby’s latest EP Time Heals Everything is an emotional rollercoaster of a journey through pain, growth, and healing. The four tracks are a masterful blend of hip-hop. emo rap and even drill, showcasing TeeshyBaby’s incredible talent as a writer, producer, and performer.

The EP begins with a deep track with hard-hitting lyricism called “Smoking Habits,” where TeeshyBaby delivers a a heartfelt performance about his vices and struggles. The emotional piano piece on “No More” sets the tone for a journey of struggle and growth through intricate writing and a moving melodies “X.O” paces up the flow of Time Heals Everything and takes a turn towards a feel-good track that reminds us to chill and have a good time. The EP ends on a high note with “Treat You Right,” a banging drill track that showcases TeeshyBaby’s awesome style of delivering great performances on all types of beats.

In an interview, TeeshyBaby revealed that the EP was inspired by his personal journey of dealing with mental pain and using smoking as a remedy. He felt the need to show a different side of himself and inspire others to heal and grow through his music. The EP’s themes of healing and growth were influenced by TeeshyBaby’s own experiences, where he believes that experience is the best teacher.

TeeshyBaby hopes that his music can be relatable and connect with listeners who feel they’re not alone. Although he hasn’t performed live yet, he looks forward to the amazing feeling that performing will bring. He also teased that he has more music in the vault and plans to go crazy after the release of “Time Heals Everything.”

Overall, “Time Heals Everything” is an incredible EP that showcases TeeshyBaby’s talent as a writer, producer, and performer. The emotional journey through pain, growth, and healing is relatable and inspiring, and it’s clear that TeeshyBaby has a bright future ahead in the music industry. This EP is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates emotional hip-hop and emo rap.


What was the inspiration behind the EP “Time Heals Everything”?

For the past years I’ve been dealing with a lot mentally. I would just be in a vibe where smoking was my remedy for pain. I do a great job of hiding how I feel. But with this EP, I felt felt the need to show the people a different side of me. And that’s how I got inspired of making this EP.

• Your lyrics explore themes of healing and growth. How has your personal journey influenced the writing and production of this EP?

I feel like everything happens to you for a reason good or bad. Experience is the best teacher. And if it wasn’t for experience I wouldn’t of gotten the motivation to write what I write. Music or more feel that anything to me. 

• What message do you hope listeners take away from your music and the themes explored on this EP?

I just want the music can be relatable! That’s what’s most important to me. It was never always about connecting with an audience that feels they’re not alone. Nowadays we don’t have much music like that.

• Your performances on this EP are particularly powerful. How do you channel the emotion and energy of your music into your live shows?

Funny thing is I haven’t even started doing any shows yet. Still a work in progress! But I know when that happens the feeling would be amazing ! That’s something I’m really looking forward to.

 Looking ahead, what can fans expect from TeeshyBaby in the future? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you’re excited about?

I told myself after this project drops I’m going crazy! Been holding a lot of music in the vault. It’s time to let the people know who the hell TeeshyBaby is !

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