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Lisa Curran – Milkshake Sky | Dream Debut 
Lisa Curran – Milkshake Sky | Dream Debut 

Lisa Curran – Milkshake Sky | Dream Debut 

Lisa Curran is a passionate musician from Kerry, Ireland. Having gone to the Cork School of Music, she is now working as a vocal coach and a music journalist. Her inner self always pushed her to do more with music therefore, she is here with her debut single Milkshake Sky. Talking about the song in-depth, we got to know that Lisa had recorded Milkshake Sky in London about 9 years ago until she decided to release it. 

The song starts with some mellow bits of viola and violins which builds some intensity. Right after the brief cinematic intro, the powerful layered vocals of Lisa begin along with the drum. The melody is following the chord pattern therefore it sounds exceptional and eerie. As soon as the first verse ends, the chorus kicks in. The chord pattern and melody change after the chorus strike something strange. Both verse and chorus are completely different bits of music but they blend so well together. The song already has an obvious catchphrase “Milkshake Sky” which makes you wanna learn the words and sing along with her. 

Lisa Curran has a phenomenal musical knowledge which has made Milkshake Sky a banger. The song has everything that it needs, powerful vocals, an amazing melody, the pop music vibe, and musical brilliance. Lisa’s debut has been a dream ride as the track is an extremely brilliant creation and having a good debut is always a dream of every musician. Milkshake Sky is surely going to be one of the best pop songs of the year. 

We also have an exclusive interview with Lisa Curran , in which she talks about her debut single and more.

 1) How does it feel on the release of your debut single on Spotify?  Were you skeptical about the release?

It is amazing and I’m really blown away by the support and opinions people have about it! It’s been so positive! I had completely prepared myself for the worst! I was skeptical about it because the producers and managers I recorded it with said I didn’t have a good enough image and lifestyle to be promoted so it stayed with me! 

2) What genre do you define your music in?

Well personally I would put it as cinematic pop if that’s a thing! It’s quiet dark at times then cheesy and then a little bit jazzy so it really takes a journey! 

3) What is the story behind “Milkshake Sky”.

It represents a relationships ups and downs, whether that be a friendships, a love interest or family it just takes you on the realistic journey of compromising with someone and sometimes feeling you have to lose a bit of yourself, then the exciting times and of course the confusing times but ultimately you do it for the love of that relationship.

4) What inspires you to make music? How big of an influence does Music have in your life.

My entire life is music, since I discovered I could make sounds I sang! I went to music college and never wanted to do anything else, it’s not the easiest industry to be in but if you love it you stick to it and after 17 years of mainly teaching I decided it was time to get my own voice back out there again! 

5) Are you working on anything new? Any plans for an album release?

I’m constantly writing lyrics and trying different tracks out and would love to put together an EP with this song so that’s definitely what’s in the pipeline! I studied classical music and grew up with a traditional irish music background and personally love jazz so I’m going to definitely try and bring them all together somehow! 

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