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Mia Delamar – Silly | Electrifying
Mia Delamar – Silly | Electrifying

 Mia Delamar – Silly | Electrifying 

Mia Delamar is an amazing singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, choreographer, and actress from Atlanta, Georgia. Her many talents have earned her a blasting career in the industry.  Having worked with multi-platinum record producer JDub to having Billboard studios produce her ep, Mia has definitely made it. Studying dance since the age of 2, Mia has a Bachelor of Music degree and a Minor in Dance. her music can be described as a blend of modern pop and early hip-hop. 

Mia Delamar has released a couple of singles and ep called “Focus”. She is back with another masterpiece called “Silly”.

Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a drum beat that is upright groovy and electronic followed by some sound effects. Soon the vocals begin with full power and an 808 bass filling the gaps with a synth lead. The melody is very interesting and also groovy. The vocals of Mia are amazing and are so well-trained. The chorus section is so well made with a very catchy hook. The song is about a lot of red flags in a relationship that she could not see thus she calls herself “Silly”. The song follows the same pattern throughout and till the end but has a lot of noticeable adlibs that make the song more interesting and fun. 

Mia Delamar is a genius. She at a such young age has achieved a lot with her talents, skills, and lot of hard work. “Silly” is a beautiful song and is highly recommended to listen to it. 

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