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Max M – Used to Be | Modern pop/rock
Max M – Used to Be | Modern pop/rock

Max M – Used to Be | Modern pop/rock 

Max M is an ardent musician and independent producer who has gained a huge fan following recently through his presence in the international music community. The finalist of the International Songwriting Competition 2020 and winner of Unsigned Only of 2021 and 2022, Max is a musical genius. 

Based in France, Max has a tremendously successful career and has gained a lot of fans on Spotify. 

Max M has released a lot of songs recently and all of them have been received well by his fans. One particular track he released in 2022 is called “Used to Be”, a very modern pop song. 

Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with some direct vocals and a drum beat wasting no time. A very catchy guitar riff plays on the right side with piano on the left creating a cool panning effect. The melody is sweet and perfect that sounds so mellow and beautiful. The vocals are crisp and clear sounding so rich and well mixed. With the help of harmonies, the song lifts up and enters the chorus. The vibe of the song changes completely in the chorus as a modern version of electric guitar kicks in making the song so enjoyable and rocking. The song follows the same pattern throughout, till the bridge section. As it softens down with pads in the bridge but rises again with a heavy metal-style drum beat and guitars, it ends abruptly. 

“Used to Be” is an amazing song that is produced so well by Max M. The production of the song seems so high-end and faultless. It’s highly recommended to listen to the song.  

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