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Clay Joule – Memories |Soothing
Clay Joule – Memories |Soothing

Clay Joule – Memories |Soothing

Clay Joule is an amazing singer, songwriter, guitarist, and musician. His songs are a beautiful blend of rock and folk with emotional melodies. We don’t know much more about Clay than just his name. But he has made a good fan base on Spotify and has a YouTube channel on which he uploads spectacular music videos. 

Clay Joule has released several singles and all of them have been well-received by his fans. He is back with yet another masterpiece called “Memories”. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with the sound effect of a vintage cinema projector which can be seen in the music video. Soon a very smooth note bend on an electric guitar followed by an 80s style pad and drums makes the intro. The guitar lead has such a great feel and sounds so mellow and dramatic. Played in the style of the legendary guitarist Joe Satriani, the intro is an absolute stunner. The vocals of Clay begin with a soft touch of music in the background. Clay’s vocals are not pitch-perfect but very unique and have a different tone. A loud guitar lead kicks in after the second verse with a lot of harmonics and amazing work of the bass guitar which carries the song. “Memories” isn’t just a listening marvel but also a visual spectacle. Its music video is a very emotional film of a family and its special moments playing through a projector on a screen. 

Clay Joules has done a fantastic job on the track with very complex guitar parts to the actual songwriting. It’s highly recommended to listen to the song 

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