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Coma Beach – The Scapegoat’s Agony
Coma Beach – The Scapegoat’s Agony

Coma Beach’s ” The Scapegoat’s Agony” is a classic !

Coma Beach is an exceptional band founded in 1993 by three musicians in Würzburg, Germany. Based on the themes of isolation, rage, and chaos, the band has unique music and can be defined as a blend of punk rock and alternative rock. 

Coma Beach’s major influences are Sex Pistols, Ramones, Joy Division, The Cure, and many more. The band has five members, the vocalist, B. Kafka, Captain A. Fear on electric guitar and vocals, M. Blunt also on electric guitar and vocals, U. Terror on bass, and M. Lecter on drums and vocals. 

In 1995 they released their debut album “The Scapegoat’s Agony” and the same was released digitally on Spotify in 2021. The album has 13 songs and a run time of about 46 minutes. Every song on the album has been a hit since it was released on Spotify. Let’s talk about some songs and their ingredients from the album in detail. 

“A Madman’s Dream” is the most streamed song in the album. The song starts with full power, gruff vocals with fast electric guitar work. The drums kick in with madness after this short verse and a raging riff on electric guitar make up for a perfect intro. The song is high-paced and gives a rush to the listeners. The first verse kicks in soon with a very fun melody that stays around the guitar riff. The vocals and the music have different approaches, as in the vocals sound very metal head but the music sounds punk rocky. It surely is an odd combination but particularly interesting. A guitar solo with a lot of crankiness rocks the song to its core. The song continues in the same pattern till the end with the guitar riff being the base.

Another song from the album is called “The Final Door”. The song starts with a solid riff on a bass guitar. Soon an electric guitar comes in the same riff over the bass. A fast drum roll kicks in the intro and lifts the song up. With some pretty dark lyrics and the same grunge-style vocals arrangement the song progression in with full energy. The song is short but has all the elements needed and is highly recommended to give it a listen. 

Coma Beach made this album in 1995 with pure passion and energy. Every song is a masterpiece and they have done phenomenal work on the album. 

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