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Joyce Tratnyek - The Cold Will Last Forever | Atmospheric
Joyce Tratnyek - The Cold Will Last Forever | Atmospheric

Joyce Tratnyek – The Cold Will Last Forever | Atmospheric 

Joyce Tratnyek is an ardent singer, songwriter, and producer based in New York City. At the age of just 19, Joyce is an extraordinary musical genius and writes incredibly beautiful songs. Being intrigued by music from an early age has also helped her overcome some difficulties. She is a pure storyteller, helping her audiences connect to themselves and have a larger and deeper understanding of the world.  

Her music can be described as ambient-indie rock with genius lyricism. Joyce started her career with her debut song called “Just Goodnight” in 2021 and has released several singles. She is back with yet another masterpiece called “The Cold Will Last Forever”. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. 

The song starts with a heavy and deep synth with some quirky atmospheric sound effects. The synths build up a strong base for the song and soon the vocals of Joyce enter with full power. The drums are very light in the background and the majority of the music is contributed by a heavy riff on a synth. The vocals are deep and distorted and sung with a gruff. The melody is very rich and sounds so wonderful, blending nicely with the song. “The Cold Will Last Forever” is a phenomenal song with such raw musical experience which takes the listener into another dimension. 

Joyce Tratnyek is an amazing up-and-coming artist that just started her musical journey and is ready to be a superstar. It is highly recommended to listen to her new single “The Cold Will Last Forever”

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