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Dave Mohan-Shadows in The Fire
Dave Mohan-Shadows in The Fire
Dave Mohan-Shadows in The Fire

Dave Mohan-Shadows in the Fire | In jazz lounge lane

Dave Mohan reduces times to mere blinks or fractions. His music is sourced from love, longing and the human spirit. In his rich catalogue that dives into real songwriting, he finds balance. The scales are on plane, lyrics and instrumentals coming together to form an elegant prism of mental faculty and song. This is his latest single, Shadows in the Fire.

The effortless, floating vocals are characterized by the lounge sound. This was a popular movement, giving us legends like Dean Martin, Tony Bennet and the likes of the Rat Pack. Here there is a work of tandem movement, between the gliding piano and caramel sweet vocals. The spotlight swivels, creating this tango that is so pleasant to watch, while a waltz takes the stage. The sound is complex, yet doesn’t defer to the oddities of jazz, bringing the listener into the song. Dave Mohan is in the lullaby line-up, making sure his touch on the ivories is gentle, yet calculated. There are glimmers of hope and loss, felt in the lyrics and execution of the song. It is yet another brilliant effort by this musician, who keeps creating new windows and frames into the eccentricities of life.

His tracks like Who Knows Where the Music Goes have become immensely popular in indie playlists. From his 2016 EP, Tears and Ashes, he has come a long way into making his sound simpler, yet meaningful. His track have the Midas touch of a master musician to them. A virtuosos climb to his magnum opus, if you will. His songs always shine that melodic reach that make them so enjoyable. Listen to his latest single here:

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