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Young and talented Beech Love released his new single “On Me” 

Beech Love is an ardent singer, songwriter, and producer from San Francisco, California. Beech Started the journey of producing and writing at the age of nine. And after a decade later he’s put all that experience together and made his own unique sound. Inspired by bands like The Killers, The Black Keys, and many more, his music sees the classic 2000s alternative music vibe with a modern touch. 

Beech Love has released several singles and an ep and all of them have been received well. His latest single is called “On Me”. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a riff on an electric guitar and a lead that sounds so modern. The intro is short but has that pop-sounding vibe. Soon the beautiful relaxed vocals of Beech come in and lift the song. The chorus kicks in with a lot of power as some heavy drums, guitars, and vocals give that alternative rock vibe. The song is super well produced as there are a lot of details that are a work of art. Beech has really mixed two different genres very well and it is so refreshing to hear.

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Beech Love being such a young artist has proved age is just a number when it comes to creating music. “On Me” is another example of his genius and I think you should definitely give it a listen.  

Click here to listen to the song: 

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