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The Greatest Entertainer - Synergy
The Greatest Entertainer - Synergy

The Greatest Entertainer Gives Us An Explosive Electronic Anthem with ‘Synergy’

The Greatest Entertainer is the solo project of electronic music artist and producer, Mark Mike. And just as it is in the name, his soundscapes are thoroughly enjoyable with vibrant sonic theatrics and uppers. He revitalizes energy, orchestrating limits and breaking them to unlock magnificent potency. In his latest single, Synergy, The Greatest Entertainer puts on an act that is larger than life, looping dance beats and pop builds with rock guitar solos. There’s some hip-hop, some gritty street accents, all crescending into an explosive party anthem. 

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The way he taps into sonic potentials is inspired. He brings diverse concepts, genres, and spheres of music together to form seamless Venn diagrams of sound. Punching beats open the track. This basic rhythm is layered with electronic percussive accents and rhythmic rap verses. The soaring pop vocals and blooming synth waves transform the space. In the next frame, he pushes for transcendence with psychedelic guitar work. The gleaming threads of melodies swim through pelting beats, climactic harmonies, and exhilarating vocals. Listen Now! 

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The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Synergy by The Greatest Entertainer here – 

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