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Lisa Goldin – Something I Used to Wear | Mellifluent

Lisa Goldin, a naturally talented singer-songwriter from Johannesburg, is living her dream. To date, she has performed alongside Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, and Scouting For Girls while touring London, Ibiza, Dubai, and Asia with Barbara Tucker. Her passion for music started in London, with her debut CD “HerStory” letting her perform originals at GuilFest 2008, with Vivienne Westwood funding her outfit. Until 2013, Goldin had spent a good part of her professional career outside of the United States.

In South Africa, Goldin’s singles “My Fire,” “Really Doesn’t Matter,” “Who Are You, Again?” Album and “Remix 4 Goldin” EP were widely broadcast on radio and telecasted on television. The hit song “My Fire” was the second most played song on the number one radio station, Hot919FM, from 2016 to 2017.

Singer Lisa Goldin is getting a lot of buzz for her new single, “Something I Used to Wear.” The song is a catchy, powerful earworm that takes listeners on a peppy journey. Lisa’s voice is incredible—highly melodic, in tune, and just plain beautiful. The instrumentation on this track is perfect to emphasize her remarkable talent. When a song gets us right and doesn’t get out of our heads anymore, we can feel it right away. ‘Something I Used to Wear‘ is one such art! All in all, this is a well-rounded package that deserves every minute of your time.

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