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Vissia’s Doorway
Vissia’s Doorway
Vissia - Doorway

Canadian Singer-Songwriter Vissia’s Doorway Tells a Beautiful Tale of Love

The reciprocation of a love story through music is how one can describe the song Doorway by Vissia. A prolific singer-songwriter hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Vissia is majorly popular as a storyteller who narrates her tales through soulful music. She boasts a powerful vocal range as well as an amazing quality that touches the heart right from the first note.

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The beautiful composition by Vissia, Doorway, is a song from her album With Pleasure which marks its date of release back in 2021. Doorway is the first song of this album and it never fails to enthrall the listeners right from the moment you hit the play button. This song offers the sheer brilliance of impressive musical artistry to its listeners and you can’t help but lose yourself in the world of emotions that the music and the lyrics take you to.

Every instrument plays a significant role in this composition and their inclusion only adds to the betterment of the track with every passing second. Besides the musical aspect, as mentioned previously, Vissia’s soul-satisfying voice is also one of the key elements that give life to the song. Moreover, the song is lyrically quite impressive, and you will indeed feel like you are listening to a story with the music as the setting.

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So don’t wait any longer if you haven’t already checked out Vissia’s song, Doorway, and listen to this wonderful track here:

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