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Blunda-Brighter Days
Blunda-Brighter Days
Blunda-Brighter Days

Blunda-Brighter Days | Proverbial paradise

Some movements and genres pass us by. Its very human, and you get sucked into a generational zeitgeist. Electronica and EDM was like that for me, and I could never really connect to it or enjoy it. Blunda forces a change of opinion, or at least gives a second look at it. Loops and instrumental goodness are aplenty in this album. Brighter Days is that change in perspective.

Beginning itself can force you to rethink what you think of this genre. You might have heard something similar before, but never this polished. For an indie, unsigned artist, this is Rick Rubin level perfection. The beats are mellow, the ambience doesn’t overpower the technical prowess and no one is showing off. If the aim is to set an unreal vibe where you can smell the dirt of a relaxed road trip, Blunda have done their job.

Simplicity has soul

Lost Without You continues this tradition. The theme is the overlord, and no melody will stray from what instrumental poetry is being performed in flow. The synth floats in constant limbo, while simple layering makes the vocals special. Minimal and focused, the track boasts of living within this moment. If the question is to bring a pop-vibe to shake things up, Belong to Me does precisely that. The reverb strums give rhythm to a catchy funk, and Blunda has fun with an ocean sized soundboard of experimentation for a simple and catchy song.

Tape Pad returns to the hitchhikers synth universe. From Tame Impala vibes to setting their own psychedelic trip, Blunda make sure each track retains a smooth flow, yet pulsates between the monotonous and extraordinary. Every time there is a strum, a phoenix flaps its wings in ecstasy. Ever Since experiments with a different beat but retains the dreamy themes that envelope Blunda’s core sound and effects.

Retaining the roots

A catchier, funkier number by verse and chorus, this track is one of those radio highlights. It has the ease of a pop song, but the visceral hidden layers reveal a complex yet clean set of techniques keeping the track so tight. Open dips its toes into the R&B world for a sort of Jamaican codfish-acid induced ideology. There is a rastaman style masked there, but it has a massive Blunda touch that makes you resist searching for something other than what is provided.

Bm has a Gilmour styled change that seems to suspend in the air. The track is rich in the bass and synth, leaving plenty space for the emotions to soak. Yet, it drains the drama out to leave only the spatial nuances of their signature art. The last track is called Light On, and it has a natural build that is interesting to observe. The phasing gives way to simple strums and devilishly addictive progressions. There is a mastery to simplicity that Blunda have achieved, and pride must be taken on the stellar execution of this album. Something I would recommend to everyone, for we all deserve brighter days.

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