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Children of Zeal – Moonlit Lullaby | Intense
Children of Zeal – Moonlit Lullaby | Intense

Children of Zeal – Moonlit Lullaby | Intense

Children of Zeal is an indie electronic group based in Asheville, NC. The band members are the two childhood friends Jetson Black and Lance Moorhead. Their music is a mix of electronic and psychedelic with an inclination toward the rock. With enchanting and unique musical tastes, they have made quite a mark for themselves.

Their recent release is a song called Moonlit Lullaby, which is an intense psychedelic number. The song begins with an almost eerie soundscape that develops into an interesting musical affair. The artists contribute to the vibe in their own ways and the song turns out to be this great because of their individual ingenuities.

The song has many elements and everything is intense to put it simply. The soundscapes that initially set you in a deep state of mind, would later even excite you, or calm you down. Such is the diversity of emotions that you feel while listening to the song. Moonlit Lullaby is a song that has a sense of deep profoundness to it, not only because of how it unfolds but also because of what it does to you. The whole psychedelic feel that unfurls as you listen to the track, puts you in just the right kind of mood. The song sort of transforms throughout its pace, and at one point, you realize that you have entered a state of zen, thanks to the song’s psychedelic complexities.

The vocals, the lyrics, together magnify the whole dark effect of the track and make it even more enjoyable. It is a must-listen!

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