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hangtime – spwn-kill <3 | chaotic electronic

Experimental electronic artist hangtime recently dropped a two-track single’s set titled “spwn–kill <3“. His latest release showcases his unique sound that blends hip-hop, electronica and alt-rock. After releasing a banging 13-track album last year, hangtime play around with the boundaries of genre with this new record. The artist has put out 3 EPs and 2 albums since 2021 and continues to amaze his listeners with his eclectic style.

1- spwn-kill

The artist’s first release of 2022 spwn-kill begins with an upbeat electronic drum rhythm that gets your head bopping right from the first bar. Surrounded by ambient dark textures and almost alien soundscapes, the track gives off a very ghastly, yet somehow energetic vibe. The 4:44-minute-long experimental/electronic/hip-hop track features a bunch of satisfying drops and complex rhythms that make it the perfect fit for a midnight rave set!

2- reload yr heart

Following the uptempo rhythms and harsh basses of the last song, hangtime introduces a ton of psychedelic elements and hypnotic grooves in reload yr heart. Grungy and aggressive vocals are the centre of attention in this track; it sounds like a dark mantra fused with a Rajasthani morchang rhythm – a very unique production indeed. At a length of almost eight minutes, hangtime keeps things simple and intriguing at the same time here. He finds the common ground between genres and creates chaotic worlds that are unusual and emotive.

With his solid new 2-track release, the artist is back for his fans, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s making the dancefloor bounce in the clubs! Inspired by artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Flying Lotus and Massive Attack, he incorporates his own special production style in these tracks, while being relatable at the same time.

It is hangtime’s ability to use the right sounds to put the listener in a trance that makes it so captivating. Additionally, the masterful mix and the track’s intricate arrangement make it stand out from the experimental-electronic record out currently.

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