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DoosC | Praha | Introspective Theme Park | Electronic
DoosC | Praha | Introspective Theme Park | Electronic

DoosC – Praha | Introspective theme park

DoosC is a music composer based out of Luxembourg who produces his own kind of melodic and progressive house. Its very interesting that his music is themed and he creates soundscapes to help the listener visit the places that he has and have a look at the experiences he has had. An introspective journey that weirdly takes you outside rather than inside. Its like the inside of you has become the outside. A resonance that enables DoosC to narrate stories without actually using a single word.

The song starts off with ambient noise of some crowded street and that marks the beginning of your journey with DoosC. ‘Praha’ is an amazing track that is driver by a very raw kick that seems to sit right in the center of the mix. As the melodies progress, the percussions build up and give a lot of velocity to this track. The kick is the fulcrum of the track and the other elements revolve around it.

DoosC creates an introspective journey with this track, as the melodies with the kick just leave the listener in a daze, staring into nothing and lost in thought. When you achieve this state of mind, DoosC takes over and shows you the world through his eyes with amazing soundscapes that make you question the depth of his music. At first glance, the music seems to be meaningless computer-generated rhythm and beats; but then again words are just sounds.

It’s a very interesting track but the listeners are required to give their full attention and surrender themselves to the music in order to feel what DoosC wants you to feel. Give it a try and take yourself on a roller coaster of emotions and excitement, as if you are in an amusement park in your own mind!

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Words are just sounds.

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