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Red Skies Mourning | Where you been? | Musical Revolution | Singer-Songwriter | Electronic
Red Skies Mourning | Where you been? | Musical Revolution | Singer-Songwriter | Electronic

Red Skies Mourning – Where you been? | Musical Revolution!

What I genuinely love about ‘Red Skies Mourning’ is the fact that he claims not to have found his niche. His music is just getting better but not finding his niche means he has not reached his potential. This means his music is just going to get better until finally he finds the answer. He is at the cusp of a musical revolution that is going to blow the quality of his music out of the roof! Something to look forward to in an artist is all a listener needs to cling on to.

‘Where you been?’ is his latest single and is an amazing work that just rises to a crescendo the whole time. Chris Aleshire is the artist behind ‘Red Mourning Skies’ and he is an ex-marine who has made a decision to get into music. You can see the discipline in his mix and overall sound design. A messiah of the musical revolution that’s going to break down the barriers of genre and create wholesome music that just stimulates the listener as well as educates them about the artist’s state of mind. The best kind of music! Connection and ear candy!

The track starts off with an arpeggiated synth melody that just keeps the track going throughout. It is the beacon of light to follow through his track as the kick, percussions and the vocals blend in. The track is a gradual crescendo with vocals, new synth shots and percussions gradually building up throughout. The vocals are amazing and keep you hooked to the track while the melody keeps you grounded like an anchor of sorts. Its as if a rock artist has created Pop music for an EDM audience.

An amalgamation of genres proves Chris is on the cusp of revolution and is almost at the “Eureka Moment” that is going to alter the musical playing field. Just like the sport of basketball had to make adjustments for players like Shaquille O’Neal, the music industry has to adapt or be left behind. A beautiful project that permeates the concept of genre and blends them together because why not? Take the best out of everything to create a hybrid that is even better than the best! Check out this new single by Chris.

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