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glu - ONAPILL!
glu - ONAPILL!

glu – ONAPILL! | Versatile Absurdism

glu is an Australian Hip-Hop artist who describes himself as an anomaly. Previously leaning towards more comedic sounds like Lil Dicky, glu has since developed his sound further. While he creates his own music, he is also a founding member of the Australian rap trio, Big Ass Fish. However, his solo material delves deeper into the confines of reality, even going into the realms of the psychedelic. Since releasing his debut album, ULTRAGLU, he’s released a few tracks.

ONAPILL!, his latest track, seems to keep up with this high energy, ethereality. While the song itself is only a minute and a half long, it certainly gives you the feeling that it is longer. The psychedelic elements are interesting, making the song feel more like an interlude. However, it still reminds me of the absurdist in glu. The instrumental and beat seem hypnotic and really hold your attention for a long time. Moreover, the lyrics sound like a fever dream or a really long trip that just holds you in place till it ends.

When I hear music like this, I can’t help but think of how versatile sound is. glu is insanely talented and can really bring the heat with his own unique way of delivering sonic messages. While this is his latest track, he does have a bunch more on his profile as well as Big Ass Fish.

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