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Gallowayyys - Angels With Fangs
Gallowayyys - Angels With Fangs

“Gallowayyys” Delivers His Experimental Best With Latest Album, “Angels With Fangs”

Indie artist and electronic music performer “Gallowayyys” has just released his first studio album, “Angels With Fangs”. Known for his experimental propulsions into the pop field, the artist molds the work to explain personal exposures and experiences. The album, the artist explains, “Chronicles his journey from boyhood rebel to manhood.” Let’s get into it! 

The album opens with the title track. Its dark electro caves, slanting with basslines, and avant garde sonic effects, simulates a hip-hop/ pop atmosphere. The mellow and downtempo outfit is contrasted by the haunting ooze of vocals. Sticky Fingers – Redux follows with magnifying spheres of synths. Featuring the production talent of Toucon, its smooth scapes drift into an endless haze. The expressive smoke of Galloway’s baritones add a beautiful emotional dimension to the funk electro pop song. 

The next song, Heart Throb, features the new talent of rapper and hip-hop artist, Sterling VanDamme. With the well-directed vocals teeming with edgy riffs and stimulating synths, it slowly reveals its layers of complexity. Tyler Durden shows off yet another creative arrangement of electronica. From textures, synth patterns, vocal delivery, and beats, it is all an extension of a dazed conscience. Crazy Like A Fox opens with a robotic armor of metallic vocals and slipping beats. The formless vocal hover that follows, is a stoic fixture of the nu industrial backdrop. 

Pink Lemonade – Electric Chop is as flamboyant as it sounds. Everything in it is vibrant and active. The remixed vocal thread informs the trajectory of the scattering synths and mercurial beats. Listening to the song is like experiencing a sugar rush of the best kind. Acid In My Car (Summer Feels) has a chill vibe. Its tripping basslines sweep across the soundscape, elevated by the double vocal effects and fading melodies. 

Bathsheba – Redux takes a haunting turn. Its darker themes and mystery are played out by the performative synths and solved by the seamless roll of the verses. Split is the next song. The soundscape is a company of industrial beats powered by nuclear bassline eruptions. Buried Alive concludes the album with a lamenting melody. Its dreamy allusions are showcased with vocal layers and timbre contrasts. Lined with remarkable riff breaks and deliberate luminescence, the track has a remarkable indie sound. 

The album is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to the “Angels With Fangs” by Gallowayyys here – 

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