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Thurane – : authentic worship :: An ode to classic, soft rock, but in the 21st century

A co-founding member of Phoenix-based Christian rock band New Jerusalem and adult contemporary Christian duo Kenyon Grey, thurane recently launched into a solo career, the child of which is the 4-song EP, : authentic worship :. There is a great blend of music, of styles, and great instrumentation that pervades the entirety of this EP. Keep reading for my thoughts!

The first song, “It’s All Good (ATAGIY)”, starts out with a nice and uptempo drum rhythm that immediately captures the attention of the listener, and as the song develops, there is great space afforded to the multi-layered vocals, in the middle of the soaring guitars, lending the track a high tempo, high energy vibe that is very well controlled, leading rather nicely into the more sober sophomore, “Over And Under”, which sounds more so like a late-Metallica ballad-esque number, a nice departure from the sheer energy of the first track– yet the instrumentation remains consistent and coherent with the theme established in the first track.

At this point, we are halfway through the EP, and the third song, “You Gave Me (THE ANSWER)” is a mild-mannered, but still emotionally powerful number that carries the mantle forward, setting up the stage for the last song of the EP, “Worthy”, that grants a graceful, gentle end to this collection.

The production across all 4 songs is largely consistent with the themes of soft rock, with some flair being added in by the drums, which come off as technical, yet not complex to the point where they hog the attention of the listener. The mix has energy, is engaging, and most of all, does not come off as jarring to the listener. While the classic rock and roll formula is to be unapologetic (for lack fo a better word here) about the dynamics of the mix, the philosophy here seems to first be a pleasant listen before all else. The vocals are kept well in control, and give the whole EP a softer, more emotive sound that I, in particular, came to like.

To wrap it up, the guitars play excellent support throughout, and the vocals are like the icing on the metaphorical cake, and the three come together to make “: authentic worship :” a pleasant, engaging listen. Check out the EP here!

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