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Gae Vinci - My Favorite Color
Gae Vinci - My Favorite Color

Gae Vinci – My Favorite Color

Gae Vinci’s work has a charming evasiveness to it. The Sicilian producer’s craft is a dance between the familiar and unfamiliar. A master of subtlety, the artist portrays beauty from beguiling angles and inventive perspectives. He has been musically active since the 2000s, operating under numerous monikers. My Favorite Color is the first single that he released under the moniker, Gae Vinci. Weaving through genres like dream pop, electronic, shoegaze, and folk, the artist is the epitome of fluidity.

The track has a soothing presence. Its pleasant acoustics and dull tones soften the edges of the world and invokes nostalgic calmness. Undulating melodies carry like a breeze with its free-flowing rhythm doing beautiful things for the lilting vocals. The artist equilibrates the luminescence of the instrumentation with the matte texture of the vocals. His eye for detail allows him to manipulate sound in small ways to enhance it magnificently.

In this single, Gae Vinci explores art folk. The use of angular acoustics, romantic lyricism, and unornate vocals all point to a contemporary style. And the added furnish of a dreamy aura and misty indie-pop elements further accentuate it. Gae Vinci writes and produces all his work, sometimes with the help of his musician friends who come to his studio. Towards the end of 2022, the artist founded his independent label, Bloodonthetracks, a platform on which he will be releasing all his music.

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