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YME - I Rule The World Cover art
YME - I Rule The World Cover art

YME – I Rule The World | The Empowerment

Ymkje de Bijl aka YME is a artist from The Netherlands who is known for her heart-felt lyrics and vocals that are full of life. YME was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. I was touched by what I saw in her artist bio on Spotify- ‘BE BRAVE AND DON’T LET YOUR DISORDER HOLD YOU DOWN” -YME. Her innovative approach towards music and the way she executes such intricate tracks is what got me hooked on her. All songs are written by herself and produced by Marco Roosink, this is a duo that will take you higher than the sky!

I recently discovered this amazing artist through her latest release which is named ‘I Rule The World’ which is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while. The track is something I would play each day as soon as I wake up. The power and the energy that YME emits through this track is sensational. This track will surely help thousands to find their self confidence and achieve newer heights. The track packs some amazing electronic elements that uplifts the mind, body and soul. The vocals are crystal clear and executed with the required passion! YME surely does put in her into all her tracks and that is what makes her stand out of the crowd. The lyrics are well written and structured to incur maximum impact. Do give this track a go! Surely a must-listen for each and everyone out there. You can catch a little glimpse of I Rule The World by YME here-

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