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Bessie Deakin - Magic Man
Bessie Deakin - Magic Man

“Bessie Deakin” Delivers Serenading Pop with New Release, “Magic Man”

Bessie Deakin is a singer-songwriter and pop artist based in London. Led by her stellar vocals, her soundscapes are mesmerizing extensions of it, acting out its stories and detailing a world it can thrive in. Her mysterious worlds of Lady Red and Mr. Blue exemplifies this perfectly. Listening to her music is an exercise in imagination as she takes us to manufactured realities that rings true with us all. In her latest single, “Magic Man”, Bessie Deakin flexes her romantic palette as she sings about the perfect man, juxtaposing the idea with histrionically sugary imagery. 

The track is a dripping canvas of romantic bliss. Dressed in pink frills of soul vocals and acoustic piano sequins, it has a sailing rhythm. This fabric is gradually infiltrated by blues and soul guitar threads until it glistens with resplendent emotion. Bessie’s vocal delivery combines the sensual aura of a bar performer with a contemporary Ariana Grande vocal style. Listeners of Ari Lennox and KeiyaA are sure to enjoy the unique neo-soul and soft pop of this artist. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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