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Beware Wolves – Beware Wolves, Vol. 4
Beware Wolves – Beware Wolves, Vol. 4

Beware Wolves – Beware Wolves, Vol. 4 | Organic Soul

Beware Wolves, Vol. 4 is the fourth volume in the self-titled anthology of songs by Cape Cod, Massachusetts artist Beware Wolves. The overall anthology consists of nine volumes and a total of 81 songs!

The music is released by Orleans, Massachusetts based Safe Harbor Records. It was supposedly sent as a rogue email at the end of 2021. It is amazing that Beware Wolves overcome the perennial disease of unattainable and ever-distant perfection syndrome. Instead we get a whole catalog of stunning songs in their raw organic form. This volume consists of nine acoustc tracks and runs for about half an hour or thirty minutes.

The album begins with the first track Holding Out. The acoustic guitar chord progression at the beginning catches your attention. The second song is How We Roll. Singing about Texas in his veins, we get a sweet groove with a subdued accompanying vocal harmony. The percussive acoustic guitar in the vere marking every line gives the song an irresistible groove. The chorus is super hummable and goes perfectly with the musical tension generated in the verses.

If Than I is the third song in the record. From the previous high energy groove, we instead move to a light ballad territory. A sweet soulful song that will light up your heart. In the Rain, the fourth track, begins with an unmistakably compelling melody. The rhythm guitar is not necessarily elaborate. The emotive vocals by Beware Wolves with the astutely crafted melody does the heavy lifting. And what a treat of a song we get! The fifth song and mid-point of the record, Inbound Ride, consists of vocal harmonization and some sweet finger-picking percussive guitar playing. There is great energy in this song. One could imagine a heavily produced song. However, in its stripped form, we can revel in its raw glory and focus on the core songwriting finesse.

July is the sixth song. This is a more direct Americana country folk kind of song. With its rustic style and some humourous wordplay, this is a joyful number to sing with friends and probably to a lover. The seventh song is Just in Time. This song is definitely not about the efficient management paradigm or the program compilation method. A compelling love ballad, this will set flutters in your heart and a spark in your mind. The album concludes with two stunning numbers titled Just Might and Lay Down Love. Lay Down Love is especially a great bittersweet love song that aptly ends the record with some emotive vocals and a tight melody and groove.

The highlights on the record are are How We Roll, In the Rain, Inbound Ride, and Lay Down Love.

Beware Wolves opts for an austere production. We pretty much have an acoustic guitar, some reverb, maybe another harmonized vocal line, and the beaming vocals of Beware Wolves. This of course makes us hear the songs for what they are. No frills, melody and groove reign supreme. And on this parameter, Beware Wolves shows themselves to be a true shining songsmith with a great knack for mining compelling melodies and grooves.

The fourth volume of songs by Beware Wolves is an earnest and organic collection of compelling songs written with love and great musicianship.

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