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Jenni Dale Lord Band-In the Dance
Jenni Dale Lord Band-In the Dance
Jenni Dale Lord Band-In the Dance

Jenni Dale Lord Band-In the Dance | A trance to dance to

Jenni Dale Lord Band might run with the magic of one person, Jenni Dale Lord. Her mesmerising vocals are the calling sign in many of the songs. Janis Joplin’s band was called The Big Brother Holding Company, and many have gone their lifetime without knowing this. In the Dance is Jenni Dale Lord making her calling card a prominent mark in the concrete. She and her talented band give electrifying performances of some great songs.

Once You Go Bourbon is as addictive a track as the drink. Claiming you never go back after some good American Bourbon, this is a real bar pleaser. Play this one as an opener live, and you’ve got the pub swinging to your tracks. A groovy number that has some powerful vocal harmonising elements and subtle slide guitar. Better Things slides into bluegrass territory, with the planks in the pub sure to come out.

As the track progresses, Jenni Dale Lord and her compatriots make an electrifying change within their chorus. A sure to go for dance number, people are around your fingertips now. I Don’t Want to Hurt You is a much smoother country track, with a collaboration leading to a diamond. The song has enticing lyrics, with the emotional element bringing out the sensitive guitar flourishes and simple base the track has.

A diamond in the rough

Love You Like You’re Leaving changes the tempo to another ballad. It’s a reminder of the Union Station, performing with Alison Krauss. Soulful songs with minimal distractions and depending only on a core melody. Jenni Dale Lord plays her notes with caution, realising her melodies can break as much as they heal. That’s the truth in her performances.

Kudos are due to the band as well, aiding and accentuating Jenni’s melodic voice in places. Love Wrapped Around My Finger chances into bluegrass pub swing territory once more, while Lay Us Down keeps the tempo up. These tracks are curated to make sure there’s a decent rise and fall in the album. Jenni Dale Lord Band makes their tracks known with heartfelt performances, like each lives for music.

It Takes One to Know One is a ballad style love song, country style. The progressions are reassuring, calming and emotionally sound. The tracks have a recurring sound with her powerful voice, Who I Used to Be shifting sound to a U2 kind of opening. The gentle strums of the guitar hope to echo with Jenni’s dreamy voice. Two Lane Kind of Day follows into the kind of rhythm that your body naturally grooves to. No downs as of yet, and we’re 3/4th of the way through.

When the heart sings

Move into rock territory with It Feels Good. The rhythm settles as soon as Jenni’s vocals come in, though the tone is a quicker, more energetic one. Too Famous for Me Now is a broken relationship letter forming a great swinging track. The smooth transitions make this album a catchy must have. The title track comes after, the acoustic leading the way. A grooving track with a sweet surrender marks this track being an insanely catchy tune. Love hearing such different textures in a track.

I Won’t Give Up closes out a fantastic album from a severely underrated artist. With smooth, soulful melodies to pumping, rocking tracks and poetic ballads, there are few things we haven’t heard from this group. Their music unites, brings feelings together and makes you smile at what something simple can do. When in the dance, enjoy every second of it.

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