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Ranski Gleechie – PakMan

Ranski Gleechie is a Toronto-based artist who spits rhymes that paint vivid images in the listener’s minds. He was released in March 2021 after serving a 5 Year Federal Sentence. His music is slowly becoming the sound of Toronto and Ranski has gained quiet a fan-base in the past year. Most of his tracks projects his unique musicality that is ecstatically intertwined with his exceptional lyrical skills. The way he makes music that seeps deep into the skin just leaves me spellbound. His confidant tone that speaks loud enough to make a nation vibrate is what fascinates me the most. I came across this artist a couple of weeks ago through his track ‘Proud Of It’ which was his first track that I reviewed and trust me, this track is worth every 100s of listens that I gave it.

I came across Ranski’s newer tracks which are named ‘PakMan’ and ‘BandCamp 2’. ‘Pak Man’ is one of the best tracks on Ranski’s discography. The track ‘BandCamp 2’ is also a work of art and will probably be my next review. ‘PakMan’ is a track that shows all the dark sides of life. This track will surely leave you shook, inside out. The track is full of vivid lyrics that paint deep and extravagant picture that are clear just through the track. This track will take you on a rollercoaster ride where you will go to the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. This track is full of innovative flows and deliveries and that is what makes this track so special. The intense and deep musicality that this track projects is pretty amazing.

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