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The Chase-Not The F*cking Game Show
The Chase-Not The F*cking Game Show
The Chase-Not The F*cking Game Show

The Chase-Not The F*cking Game Show | A compilation of cool

The Chase give you your money’s worth. Not the pittance you pay for Spotify that allows you access to world class artists. And a manic podcast host. I’m talking about seeing them on tour, a sold out one among their home team. They have finally put an EP together for us, and it’s something else. This is Not The F*cking Game Show.

You might miss Neil Young on Spotify. I know the people who read this. It’s 60-40. I digressed, because this band is nothing like Neil Young. The Chase like to give you unadulterated, raw sound. Take for example, Black Cloud. This is a single of theirs from 2021, and it rocked several socks and undergarments off. The punk vibe is indefinitely spread out, and they keep the groove tight. One of their most streamed songs. I don’t need to say much more.

I’m The Man is the one I want to talk about. Severely underrated, it takes a marching, strong tempo with incredible vocals. Defined by their will to experiment and have a good time, while recording-this track takes the cake. The chorus would have been sung by choruses at the top of their lungs.

Live to Die is one of their best songs. It is up-tempo, infectious and has a melodic spine that holds the song together. The vocals are blisteringly honest, and a synth atmosphere makes itself known in the background. The mixing is fantastic as well, so kudos to the production team.

Crests and valleys with tempos

Set the World to Rights opens with a fresh gust of acoustic goodness. For the crowd to clap to, this track mediates the tempo to make sure the ballad feel isn’t dissolved. The track is a bit of The Strokes, some Simple Plan maybe. A 100% fun by the time we start soaking in what this groups tone is.

La La La has a heavy chorus section song title. So, I hoped it would have something of that sort. I was not disappointed, they get into a funky, dance rhythm with a modular version of what could be alt-disco. The tempo once again has risen from the previous track, a nice undulating playlist of one solid powerhouse of a band.

In the Queue is a live recording at 2Fly Studios, which brings in memories ingrained with the song. The background is more entertaining, lively and teasing-having a good time recording. The Chase have their passion in having fun and making music- so it’s good they found this profession. From quick, alt-rock songs to acoustic ballads that people will chant in stadiums, this band is a name for their dedicated fanbase to wear on their bleached shirts. I would like that shirt too.

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