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SAIEESH-machaan | Peek inside the melting pot

A no holds barred approach can have any kind of reaction. Your culture is defined by who you are, in totality. So let’s take a look at SAIEESH. He’s a Sri Lankan artist who indulges in hip-pop, with vernacular influences generously infused in all his songs. A bonafide part of his identity. This is his 2022 single, machaan.

In Urdu, machaan means a stage or platform. That is how SAIEESH uses his ability as an artist as well. The initial reaction you have to his song might be discombobulating. Give it a minute. From mrindangam beats dominating the background soundscape and influences from music he has been born and brought up with, this is true fusion music. Inserting the contemporary texture to share the stage with his roots, he gets an interesting palette-two continents, which he plays with . There are small worlds of synth that open up when he is in lyrical flow. However, he does not take it slow.

This release is the second from SAIEESH this year. Circles is his latest release, another catchy track that might be more congruent for listeners who are used to simpler compositions. Based in Australia, he brings the better of both worlds. His last single Mundane in 2021 caught some decent traction, but not nearly enough for the effort you can hear in the track.

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