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Who Are You Lutra Lutra?? – Remember the Lines | Cinematic 
Who Are You Lutra Lutra?? – Remember the Lines | Cinematic 

Who Are You Lutra Lutra?? – Remember the Lines | Cinematic 

Who Are You Lutra Lutra ?? is a band based on the windy French coast of Brest, Brittany. They have got a unique name but their music is very traditional. Who Are You Lutra Lutra ?? is a duo that has written songs for years and has a particular style. They seemed to be heavily inspired by classical European music which they have blended well with Folk. 

Remember the Lines is the latest EP by Who Are You Lutra Lutra ??. It features 6 songs and has a run of 21 minutes and 48 seconds. The first song in the EP is called “You Don’t Know Me More” which is a very subtle, slow, and light acoustic song. The smooth acoustic guitar and upright bass carry the song. The sweet entrance of the piano at the end of the song makes it deep and eerie. The song is simply beautiful to listen to. 

Dazzled and Gone is a song that represents the European sound to its core. The moment it starts playing it gives the early 2000s Alt-Rock vibes. The song has some distinctive sounds which include pads, synthesizers, and guitar effects. The uprising notes on a synth and a very interesting drum beat build the song.

Cloudscapes is a song that sounds so happy. The intro of the song is enough to make someone think about love. The soft melody and the acoustic guitar with snippets of harmonic notes are all done very beautifully. Cloudscapes is a song to listen to while lying under the sky watching the clouds go by.

Emptiness is a song that starts with drums and electric guitar which sets the base.  The song from the beginning gives the vibe of the song with solid drum beats but after the intro, the song drops into a soft acoustic guitar followed by vocals. the song gradually lifts again with soft drums and female vocals. The song ends amazingly with both the singes and drums as well. 

The second last song in the EP is called “Words” a song that reflects some period drama. With its soft and classical style melody, it resonates the brilliancy of the band. The euphonious sound of the viola strikes the cinematic feeling of the song. Who Are You Lutra Lutra?? made a masterpiece here. 

The EP is named after the last song “Remember the Lines”. It has a very basic approach, the melody follows two chords. Light vocals with some electric guitar in the background. Apart from this, the song has a storyline that is also very interesting. 

Who Are You Lutra Lutra?? are defining their music incredibly while inhabiting their European style. “Remember the Lines” is a must-listen for any who loves music. 

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