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Indie Rock band Cold Equations releases new single “Identity Crisis”

Cold Equations is a trio of three amazing musicians from Nashville. The brainchild of the guitarist and vocalist, Drew Kohl, Cold Equations was born in Drew’s bedroom while going through intense songwriting sessions. Getting inspired by indie rock legends like Elliot Smith, Pavements, Johnny Marr, and many more, Cold Equations has created its own genre of music. 

Cold Equations formed as a trio when drummer Ryan Dishen joined along with John O’Brien on bass. Writing and rehearsing songs in Ryan’s Basement, the trio has released several songs and an album called “Ghost Town”. Their new single “Identity Crisis” just released. let’s about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a low-cut mixed guitar intro with a cool chord progression. Soon the song pushes the power button and comes a sick drum roll and guitar riff that lifts the song. The song has a rocking distorted guitar, heavy bass and drum section, bringing all the rock song elements. The vocals of Drew come in smoothly but fits perfectly in the song. The melody seems indie and beautiful. The vocal harmonies suit perfectly with the heavy guitars in the chorus section. The bridge brings in the low-cut intro only to unleash a full-on banger guitar solo that takes into another dimension. And as the song ends you will be full of energy and adrenaline rush as the song holds the true power of rock.

“Identity Crisis” is a power-packed rock song that is so well written by Cold Equations. It is highly recommended to listen to the song. 

Click here to listen to the song: 

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