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Lucy Clue – In Your Eyes | Luxurious
Lucy Clue – In Your Eyes | Luxurious

Lucy Clue – In Your Eyes | Luxurious

Lucy Clue is an Italian singer, songwriter, and rapper with German roots. She has been writing songs ever since she was a child and her musical experience shines right through each of her tracks. Her music is inspired by the 80s and has hip hop, and pop influences too that any music listener would fall for.

Lucy Clue’s recent track is a song called In Your Eyes, which basically puts together the feeling of attraction, charm, and exquisiteness, ever so profoundly. You would be in awe of how luxurious this song feels. With stunning soundscapes and a unique transcendentality, In You Eyes easily becomes a quiet and enjoyable track.

The reason why the track feels so pleasant and sophisticated is because of its various flavours that are mixed together so well that they come together as one.  The track has many elements in it that are woven together like a fine mesh. And every musical element is unique in itself. They are profound, deep, retro, modern, and otherworldly, all at the same time.

The song unfolds in a beautiful way. It has retro undertones that fit together perfectly with its more modern and fresher tunes. You would want to listen to the track slowly, at your own pace, in order to unravel its real bliss and devour it to the fullest.

Overall, In Your Eyes is a track that you should listen if you are in the mood for some charming, complex, and delicate music that feels luxurious to the ears!

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