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Alicia Daydreams- Maze | Simply Stunning

Alicia Daydreams, a 16-year-old writer, songwriter, and producer, has been making waves in the music industry since the release of her debut single ‘Genie.’ An artist who is ready for the spotlight and eager to work hard to achieve it. Alicia Daydreams’ beautiful voice is a breath of fresh air in the alternative pop genre, as she presents a new path forward. With each song she breaths into our phones and cars, this young singer/songwriter/producer becomes better. Alicia continues to put in the effort and deliver what her fans desire in the form of her wonderful artistry.

Her new album ‘Maze’ is Amaze! It consists of three tracks, all of which captivate listeners with an impressive range of musical influence and deep lyrical insights. The first song is ‘Devil’s Promise.’ As the title of the song suggests, it begins mysteriously dark with somewhat haunting undertones that quickly give way to sufficiently upbeat musical influences from the chorus onward. Although Alicia’s voice takes the center stage, The musical arrangement is equally appreciable.

The second song is ‘Maze.’ The song ‘Maze’ was made to make listeners feel as if they’re wandering through a maze without a map. The synth lines that shimmer in the air as Alicia’s cheery yet seductive voice take over from the start are fascinating. The best aspect of this song has to be the narration of important moments in her life, a story that many people can relate to through her alluring voice.

The final song is ‘Genie Remix.’ The original Genie track is both powerful and relaxing in its own right, while still having the ability to influence your emotions. However, the upbeat rhythm and the mellow beats in the remix set up a contrast that makes anyone grove along. The mood of the song is still similar to the original, but it seems to have more of an edge with this version. It’s still incredibly catchy, but with a different spin on it that I didn’t expect at first. The soft merging of voice and strong yet subtle soundscapes make this song memorable and special.

In the end, the album is a must-listen and regardless of what kind of music you typically listen to, you will quickly see that Alicia’s work is one that will blow your mind from start to finish, and it will quickly become a favorite.

Enjoy listening to ‘Maze’ here.

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