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Luch Stefano – Night Ride | Casual

Today we’re listening to Eastbourne-based singer/songwriter Luch Stefano’s lively new single – ‘Night Ride’. Featuring a blend of soft acoustics and modern electronics, the song boasts infectious melodies, intricate wordplay and upbeat rhythms that are bound to keep you engaged throughout. The artist is known for his catchy alt-pop songs that work well with a variety of audiences thanks to his diverse songwriting style, which includes everything from soft ballads to hip-hop raps.

Luch’s sultry lyrics start off the track over a melancholic guitar progression. – “Every single day / I used to wake up / With a little bit of you in my mouth / And that’s ok I don’t mind making out.” –  A good thing about songs that begin with a chorus is that the hook melody gets the listener familiar with it, and it always hits harder when it resurfaces again. Night Ride is a great example of this, and in addition, the addictive melody won’t get out of your head all that easy!

The bass guitar compliments the drum rhythm really well, very tight performance and it keeps the track going in the right direction. Strings take over the sonic spectrum at times along with simple keyboard melodies, adding a different colour to the already flavourful tunes. Luch sings shares his experience with casual relationships in this song, quite evident from the playful lyrics and subtle humour. In addition, the three-minute-long track has an energetic instrumental outro with Luch’s creatively processed vocals, definitely worth a listen!

Since 2015, the British singer-songwriter has been releasing a constant stream of singles and EP’s and has even released two full-length albums. Having amassed over half a million streams on Spotify, Luch’s music has been very well-received by audiences worldwide. ‘Night Ride’ is yet another exuberant track added to his discography – perfect to play on your car radio on a weekend afternoon, a feel-good tune that’ll lighten the mood and make your day!

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