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Everything But The Everything - Can't Allow
Everything But The Everything - Can't Allow

Everything But The Everything – Can’t Allow | Hazily Driven

Izzy The Gent has created quite the musical repertoire for Everything But The Everything. The Bay Area-based musician, producer and overall artist has made a name for himself as well. Having worked with Tobias Hawkins on yet another track, he seems to show expertise in every track he creates. Take Can’t Allow, a track that was released in 2020, for example.

This track starts off with this indie grunge vibe. I’ve only heard this sound in bands like Black Mountain and The Zombies. I really enjoy the hazy texture that the brass and rhythm sections create. The track has this looming sense of clarity amongst the haze which just shows the creative expertise of Izzy The Gent as an artist and producer. The vocal work on this track is definitely something to admire. I love how Everything But The Everything has the distinct Izzy sound, but it doesn’t lose what is personal to the project. Moreover, the driving nature of the guitars and rhythm section just progress throughout the song. There’s a major King Gizzard vibe that I get off this track which is absolutely brilliant to see from musicians these days.

Everything But The Everything is a special project. With so much going on Izzy The Gent has the ability to show us that the rock movement won’t die on us. I love everything about this project and the artists behind it. This track may be from 2020, but it sure feels like it’s taking rock into 2022.

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